Vitalay is pioneering a unique transformation process

integrating medical diagnosis, health risk predictions

with Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle programming.

We specialise in providing personalised solutions

to achieve optimum health

independent of prescription drugs.

LayYong, Director of Vitalay

LayYong's foray into the fitness industry was unplanned.

After close to twenty years in corporate, although she had a good career, she started to feel tired and some days felt demoralised.

Apart from work stress, LayYong suffered chronic shoulder pains due to being a desk bound warrior.

She left her job in 2005 and on the recommendation of her fitness trainer took up Pilates and became a Pilates Teacher, and then a business owner.

Over the years, she acquires insights and knowledge of joint problems and learns the importance of movements for healthy joints.

Her mission is to educate and help people regain joint mobility, to lead a life without aches and pains. Her latest fitness studio specialises in gymnastic strength training for adults to achieve incredible strength and mobility - like a gymnast.

But she also realised physical health alone is not enough.

She has seen clients falling sick often because of flu and cold. Some clients tire easily, they don't sleep well or they can't lose the weight.

When people experience health issues, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. The biggest fear is how will they cope with age, and the associated medical costs.

LayYong strove to find a different solution. She herself has Grave's disease - an auto-immune disease of the thyroid.

She relied only on prescribed medication to control the disease - until she started working with Dr Stephen Wilson, the creator of this integrative personal transformation process.

Now it's available to you.

It's a process where you actively participate and be in control of the outcome for your health.


5-Step Transformation Process

 ConsultationExplains the entire process
 Assessment Health history, fitness assessment & Lab test
 PredictionAnalysis and predictions based on lab test results 
 Objectives Discussion on desired outcomes
 Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle PlansPersonalised solutions 
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We review your progress every month and assess every 3 months.

That's how we know you are getting the results you want.


Every Month

Review progress


Every 3 months

Starts with assessment

Reviews the results 


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